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Perce-neige - Photo : M. Déchelette

“Candlemas” comes from the word “candle” and was originally a pagan festival before Christianity adopted it. Christians used to take candles to church to have them blessed. When they got home, they lit these blessed candles to protect themselves from storms and... from the devil!



The four letters ASAP are well known in English. In French they can stand for either "Apprendre, Savoir, Approfondir, Partager" , or "Aujourd'hui Sans Attendre Plus". (This means “Learn, Know, Learn more, Progress” or “Today Without Waiting any longer”.)

 Always up to date, is a mine of information from France written by Geneviève Brame.

ake your time to navigate around the site finding out about the many aspects of the country the French like to call l'"Hexagone", improving your knowledge of Europe and the European Union on the way. It’s as easy as saying 


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